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Konak Ramonda Serbica

Apartment amenities

  • Towels, bed linen, and toiletry
  • Iron, hairdryer, washing machine
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Shared dining area
  • Spacious garden yard and terrace
  • Cable TV, Free Wi/Fi
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Pet Friendly
  • No-Smoking / Smoking areas
  • Free parking
  • Barbecue facilities
  • Children corner,  trampoline 
  • Wine cellar

Konak (eng. Inn) Ramonda Serbica is very close to the art colony - of Nadezda Petrovic, a Serbian and world-famous painter, who was the first in the Balkans to establish an art colony, to evoke the beauty and historical significance of the Sicevo region. Close to this lovely village house are the caves "Mala" and "Velika Balanica" (eng. Small & Big Balanica). Mala Balanica is known for one of the most famous world inventions, the jaw of a hominin, a Neanderthal man. 

The studio and apartments are decorated in a pleasant country style, have a small kitchen, and beautiful new bathrooms. The apartments have two separate rooms, one with a double bed and the second one with two single beds, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. This room type can accommodate 3 to 4 adults (if two adults share a double bed) or a family with two or three children. The studio consists of one room with two single beds or a double bed if joined, one sofa bed, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. The studio can accommodate 3 adults or a family with two children. 

What makes the Hosts ideal is the possibility of organizing fishing, hiking, walking, adrenaline tours, trips to the monasteries of St. Petka and the Most Holy Mother of God at the guests' request and in arrangement with licensed guides. It is nice to visit this place during the paragliding competition every summer when they fly from the rock Visegrad, the manifestation Days of Sage, on February 14th or St. Trifun Day, Days of Photographic, Literary, Art and Drama Colony. 
A part of the house in the basement is an authentic wine cellar, over 200 years old, which is a kind of ethno museum of viticulture. You will find old hand machines for squeezing grapes, then kilims, hand-made baskets, tow (fiber) for spinning wool, large wine barrels, and much more in an authentic ambiance, where you can taste wines from Sicevo vineyards, known since Roman times. 
There is also the possibility of buying domestic products from local producers such as cheese, wine, rakia (Serbian brandy), domestic Slatko - preserved fruits, and different jams.

Price: 14€ per person.  It is possible to rent the whole house, please contact us for more information. 

Homemade food on request: breakfast is 3€, and dinner is 4€ per person.