Your Guide for Business & Leisure Travel Experience in South & East Serbia

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The slow pace of life in the countryside, away from the city hustle, can rejuvenate one to a great extent. Rural tourism is an expanding industry.

Orthodox Easter, the most joyful Christian holiday, is just around the corner. The holiday comes in spring, the most beautiful time of the year when nature is awakening. The family gathers and celebrates life.

Nowadays, with this pandemic, many of us work remotely.

But, whether we work from home or the office, our colleagues and business associates get a first impression based on our looks. 

Cheers to all women in the world who balance business and leisure well. 

All of these things take our time and energy.

Mediana an archaeological site from the late 3rd and early 4th century of the Roman period was a palace and summer residence of Constantine the Great. 

The Serbian Orthodox Church and the believers celebrate St. Tryphon on February 14th. 

The winegrowers go to their vineyards to prune the vine and water it with wine, believing that in that way, the grapes will bear good fruit. 

Christmas is the most joyous holiday of Christians. It is a time of welfare and peace. 

Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on January 7th, according to the Julian calendar.

The richness and diversity of a nation and its culture are maybe the best reflected in its traditional clothing. Apart from the recognizable and emotionally colored dialect, almost every village in Serbia also has specific details on the costume, which indicate its uniqueness.

When you hear laughter and shouts of people coming from someone's home in Serbia, you will know that they celebrate "Slava" - family saint patron's day.

Have you ever stood speechless, amazed, at the majesty of those great, motionless giants of nature - the mountains?