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The Rooms Pier


  • Bed linen, towels
  • Toiletries, hair dryer
  • Shared kitchen
  • Shared living room
  • Cable TV
  • Free Wi/Fi
  • Terrace & Garden yard
  • No-Smoking rooms (smoking is allowed in the gardenyard)
  • Barbique area 
  • Children's playground
  • Meeting table for 6 + persons
  • Free parking places 

The Rooms Piere offers accommodation in 6 rooms 1* in total for 12 persons. Room no. 1 is with french style bed, for 2 persons. Room no. 2 is with a single bed, for 1 person. Rooms 1,2,3, and 4, share a kitchen and dining room. As well share two bathrooms, out of which, one is with bathtub and toilet. The other bathroom is with shower and toilet. 
Rooms 5 and 6 share a kitchen and dining room, a bathroom with a shower and toilet. Rooms 5 and 6 are on the upper floor and could be rented as an apartment. 

Free baby high chair, pram, and a cot are available in all rooms on request. 
All rooms share a living room with smart TV and cable channels, free WI-FI in the whole house, and free parking.

Barbecue area, seating and dining area in the garden yard, children's playground with slides and swings. Meeting room with a conference table for 6+ persons.

The accommodation is located 1.4 km from the center of Nis Spa. 

The nearest airport, Constantine the Great, is 13 km from the property. The two most famous attractions in Niš, the Skull Tower, is 8,7 km away, and Niš Fortress, located in the city center, is 12,4 km away. The local bus (line 1) stop is across the property. The bus passes through the city center, from where you can directly walk to the pedestrian zone, Niš Fortress, and the central bus station. The same bus (line 1) stops at the train station of Niš.

The price is 27€ per day per room in a double room. An additional person charge 11€ for a triple room. The apartment consisting of rooms 5 and 6 is 60€ per day.

It is possible to rent the whole villa, please contact us for more information.