Your Guide for Business & Leisure Travel Experience in South & East Serbia

City Break

Think about a bleisure trip or City Break?

Due to the short duration, city breaks are easy to fit into your life. Smiling residents of Niš will welcome you warmly. „Meraklijski“ lifestyle in this city will take you to the realm of the gastronomy of south Serbia, good Serbian brandy "rakia", wine, and fantastic adventures. 
Explore everyday trips that will fit in any schedule or trip style you prefer.

Depending on transport connections, any combination could work.

By regular air traffic, which is carried out through the international airport Constantine the Great, Niš is connected by direct flights with many cities in Western Europe, such as Vienna, Berlin, Dortmund, Milan, Stockholm, Malmö, Basel, Istanbul... Tourists can come to Niš at very affordable prices.

Check for the flight's schedule at this link and prepare for your next City Break 2022.

Welcome to Niš City!

Cover page photo by Vladimir Jovanovic - By Master

Fri, 02/11/2022 - 10:00