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Niš Week Music Festival 2024

Embark on the Niš Week Music Festival journey and experience the enticing blend of modern trends with local heritage embodied in the inaugural F&B Niš Week Music Festival.

The inaugural edition of Niš Week Music Festival is scheduled to take place in the Nis Fortress between June 13 – 15, 2024. The biggest F&B festival in the region fuses entertainment, culture, sport with a distinctively unique gastronomic experience. The visitors can find 15 zones including sweet street, street food zone, wine zone, beer zone, tech zone, matinee zone, rock stage, main zone, national souvenirs zone as well as fun and sport zone at their disposal for their enjoyment.

Indulge yourself in the stunning vocal performances of El Jazzyra at the Matinee Stage, scheduled for 5 pm and Hari Mata Hari at the Main Stage, scheduled for 9 pm on the opening day. For culture aficionados, immerse yourselves in amazing theatrical performances at the Summer Stage, like The Nutcracker, scheduled for 4.30 pm and Swingers, scheduled for 7 pm respectively.

The following day (June 14th ) features the breathtaking vocal performances of Aćim at the Matinee Stage, scheduled for 5 pm, alongside Sergej Ćetković at the Main Stage, scheduled for 9 pm. Children can enjoy the puppet show The Princess and the Pea at the Summer Stage, scheduled for 4.30.

The penultimate day (June 15th ) showcases the fusion of rhythms embodied in the performances of both Ceka and Funky Junkie at the Matinee Stage, scheduled for 5 pm, as well as ABBA tribute band - ABBA Ring at the Main Stage, scheduled for 9 pm. Additionally, stand-up comedy lovers can enjoy Maca Stand-Up Show at the Summer Stage, scheduled for 6 pm.

The ultimate day (June 16th) introduces a variety of activities to suit all tastes. Children can delight themselves in the puppet show Red Riding Hood - "Crvenkapa" and Silly Vule -  "Šašavi Vule" at the Summer Stage, scheduled for 4.30 pm, while the adults can enjoy the theatrical performance As I had hoped, I did not marry well - "Kako sam se nadala, dobro se nisam udala" at the same venue, scheduled for 7 pm. For those who missed the vocal performance of both Ceka and Funky Junkie the previous day, there is an opportunity to catch up at the same venue and in the same time. Finally, soccer fans will be thrilled to watch Serbia’s debut match at Euro 2024 at the Main Stage, scheduled for 8 pm.

Event admission is not charged, except for the main stage performances. Concert tickets are priced at 700 RSD, stand-up and theatrical show tickets at 800 RSD, and puppet show tickets at 250 RSD.

Immerse yourself in the captivating experience of merging cultural tradition with modern flair, accompanied by stunning vocal performances. Join the Niš Week Music Fest and become part of the new era.

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 00:00 to Sun, 06/16/2024 - 00:00