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Lukovska Spa

Lukovska Banja is located in Southern Serbia, on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik Mountain at 681 m above sea level, and classified in the highest spa in Serbia. The climate is temperate continental with many sunny days a year. 
Many thermal mineral springs, the untouched nature, and the clean mountain air defined it as one of the best spas in Serbia.

There sre two hotels, Kopaonik Hotel and Jelak Hotel, which in their offer combined accommodation in comfortable rooms, thermal pools, and modern medical & wellness treatments. You could improve your health and stay active by walking the paths to health through the beautiful nature, playing sports, or visiting some of the cultural and historical monuments.

The Spa itself has a view of some of the beautiful peaks. Nature is invaluable here for the climate and clean air, and statistics say that more than 60% of the rural area has covered by forests, 30% by pastures and meadows, and 10% by arable land, well a true small natural paradise.

The total number of natural and artificial sources of medicinal thermal water in Lukovska Banja is 37, which places it in the first place of all spas in Serbia, at least by the number of thermal springs. The water temperature in Lukovska Banja ranges from 22 °C to 65 °C. The Spa divided into two parts based on thermal mineral springs, the western part-Gornja Banja (eng. Upper Spa) contains as many as 20 natural springs and two boreholes. And the eastern part-Donja Banja (eng. Lower Spa) is rich in 13 natural springs and two boreholes.

Remains of fortifications and aqueduct found in the area of Gornja Banja means these springs had used even ancient Romans.  It is also known that during the Serbian medieval state there were settlements besides the source.

Winter & Summer Outdoor Thermal Pools

Medicinal Factors and Therapeutic Indications

Based on chemical analysis, it turned out that these waters, whose healing properties had known for centuries, are mineral, fluoride, lithium, silica, and carbonic acids. Depending on the spring, some of them belong to hypothermic, some to homeotherms, and some to hyperthermic water. Depending on the water composition, it depends on which disease will have a curative effect. A spring belonging to the hypothermic water, located in Donja Banja, uses in the treatment of digestive system diseases, while springs in Gornja Banja uses in the treatment of the following diseases.

  • Problems with blood vessels
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Kidney and urinary system disorder 
  • Different forms of rheumatic diseases (inflammatory rheumatism, degenerative rheumatism, extra-articular rheumatism, osteoporosis, and osteopenia)
  • All types of sports injuries
  • Rehabilitation after bone and joint surgery 

Lukovska Banja is also known for its peloid medicinal mineral mud therapy. Peloid therapies are recommended for rheumatic diseases, but also various skin diseases and problems.

Improve general health while staying in Lukovska Banja

Lukovska Banja has a place with a large number of thermal springs of different compositions and temperatures. Here, numerous procedures for natural inhalations conduct, which is why it is called Climatorium (Srb. Klimatorijum).

King Milutin’s Bath
Balneo-therapeutic baths in thermal mineral carbonic acid and sulfurous water are applied. The water temperature ranges from 42⁰C -44⁰C.

Local Bath Pools – Whirlpools
Whirlpools are small for local balneotherapy and mud therapy. In these pools, thermal mineral water spontaneously springs. Water temperature ranges from 33 in the coldest, and 44 in the hottest spring. People use these pools for peripheral joints baths (feet, knees, hands, and elbows).

Natural Inhalatorium
Natural Inhalatorium located on the riverbank, consists of numerous petrified tubes (looking as stone formations in Djavolja Varos (Devil's Town) where thermal water with high concentrations of dissolved hydrogen sulfide comes out, and interflowing into the fountain. The air around the fountain is very saturated with hydrogen sulfide gas, which is characteristic of a specific mildly unpleasant smell. Separation of sulfur from hydrogen sulfide inhaled through the lungs is easily absorbed, even 80%. Through the blood, it reaches all the cells in the body and achieves numerous positive effects.

Inhaled air saturated with hydrogen sulfide is recommended, especially to patients with rheumatic diseases, chronic obstructive lung diseases (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema) diabetes, and hyperlipidemia. It is also recommended for healthy people, including children, as prevention and improving general health.

Tours & Activities around Spa             

The Spa is 110 km away from Nis, so it is a chance to visit the birth city of the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, and many cultural-historical monuments that attract visitors. Belgrade is 295 km away. On the way to Prokuplje Archaeological site Plocnik is located 48 km away, wherefrom very close is located fascinating Paleontological site Prebreza, 28 km away.

You can improve your health and stay active by walking or visiting some of the cultural and historical monuments

If you are staying in Lukovska Banja, then you should make a day trip to Prolom Banja 56 km, Kursumlijska Banja is only 47 km, and plan your vacation for next time.
Kursumlija is only 35 km away; there you should visit the first endowments of Stefan Nemanja, Saint Nicholas Monastery, and The Most Holy Mother of God Monastery.

The natural attraction in South Serbia is certainly the world-famous Devil's Town (Djavolja Varos), only 65 km away from Spa. Known for two natural phenomena, 2 sources of extremely acidic and mineralized water, and 202 stone figures, looks very mystical, and attractive together.