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Ribarska Spa

Spa Town Ribarska Banja located on the slopes of the Mountain Veliki Jastrebac (eng. Big Hawk) 35 km away from Krusevac, 72 km from Nis and 220 km from Belgrade. It is known as an oasis of pure mountain air, healthy food, and healing thermal springs. Due to the relatively high altitude and the surrounding mountain ranges, the spa has a sub-mountain climate. Generally, it doesn't have much rainfall annually, with the rainiest May and driest February.
Ribarska Banja (eng. Fisherman's Spa) got its name after the fishermen who were catching the best quality trout for Prince Lazar.

The healing properties of the springs have known since prehistoric times, as evidenced by archaeological sites near the Spa. The area Zupa, around Ribarska Banja, Stefan Nemanja handed over for his adulthood, while Princess Milica and her court ladies maintained their beauty at the springs in Ribarska Banja. The Turks were indifferent to the healing properties of this water either, so they have built a Hammam bath to maintain health. In particular, King Peter I Karadjordjevic loved the Spa and often stayed here, treating rheumatism while doing government business.

Relax in Ribarska Banja as used to was King Petar I  |Photo:, Tourist Organization of Krusevac

A modern spa center has built on the foundations of an old Turkish Hammam from the 17th century, which is a combination of traditional Eastern style of enjoyment, and modern wellness & spa concept. Visitors can enjoy in many massages and treatments based on herbs, algae, wine, chocolate, salt rooms, saunas, whirlpools, fitness, outdoor, and indoor pool, Turkish Hammam. For art lovers, there is also an amphitheater for concerts, theater, literary, and music nights.

The wellness & beauty program

Wellness & spa recently launched consists of different treatments, hydro massage outdoor and indoor thermal mineral swimming pools with 39C water temperature, Turkish bath, steam bath, pearl bath, sauna, aqua-detox, fitness, sport terrains, 23 types of massages, face & body treatments, healing mud.
Outdoor swimming pools are the favorite place of the guests. The water in the pools has a medicinal effect, so apart from just having a good time, it also has positive health effects. A pleasure is night swimming in the thermal pool followed by night mountain air.

Treat your self at the Spa Day |Photo:

Medicinal Factors and Therapeutic Indications

Ribarska Banja has 6 mineral sulfur springs, which belong to low alkaline homeotherms and saline waters, with temperature up to 41.5 °C.
The Hot Tub at wellness center Ribarska Banja has one large swimming pool and several bathtubs, with water from hot and cold springs. 
A cold mineral water spring is the only acratopega in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, mineralization of this water is 500-1000 mg / dm³, while the temperature generally does not exceed 20°C, and In the case of the cold spring does not exceed 16 °C. The cold mineral spring uses for drinking. 

The modern Institute Ribarska Banja conducts medical treatments for the rehabilitation of patients with orthopedic, joint, and degenerative diseases, by bathing, drinking, washing of the throat, nose, and eyes. 

Indications for staying in Ribarska Banja

•    Rehabilitation after bone fractures and bone and joints surgeries
•    All forms of rheumatism (inflammatory, degenerative and extra-articular)
•    Joint contractures
•    Spinal deformities
•    Post-traumatic or postoperative nerve paresis 
•    Hemiplegia
•    Hemiparesis

On the other hand, the water of the spa has contraindications

•    For all fever conditions
•    Congenital heart defects
•    Open tuberculosis
•    Bleeding
•    Sclerosis
•    Pregnancy 
•    Stronger body weakness

Tours & Activities around Spa

Located on the slopes of Veliki Jastrebac Mountain, your stay at Ribarska Banja could fulfill trekking, scouting, mountain biking, mushroom, and herbs collecting. This type of active holiday will make your stay in this spa unforgettable. The spa has also recognized for a rich cultural program, especially during Manifestation Cultural Summer. The restaurant water mill Srndalje is 2 km away where you could tray local specialties. 

You should definitely visit Krusevac, the city of Prince Lazar that is only 34 km away, Archaeological Park Lazar’s Town, National Museum, Lazarica Church, Monasteries Naupare (46km), Kalenic (78 km), and Veluce 65 km. The distance of this day tour is 143 km in total.

What activity do you never get bored with? Cultural & Historical Tours, and Mountain Walks |Photo:Radosav Stojanovic, common wiki,,

The Spa is 72 km away from Nis, so it is a chance to visit the birth city of the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, and many cultural-historical monuments that attract visitors. 

On the way to Djavolja Varos (Devil’s Town) you can visit many attractions, and make a day tour in total distance of 143 km. Near Prokuplje Archaeological site Plocnik is located 54 km away, wherefrom very close is located fascinating Paleontological site Prebreza, 25 km more. Kursumlija is only 67 km away; there you should visit the first endowments of Stefan Nemanja, Saint Nicholas Monastery, and The Most Holy Mother of God Monastery.
The natural attraction in South Serbia, the world-famous Devil's Town (Djavolja Varos), is only 94 km away from Spa. Known for two natural phenomena, 2 sources of extremely acidic and mineralized water, and 202 stone figures, looks very mystical, and attractive together.