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Pleasure Restaurants

The Restaurants Pleasure 

The Pleasure Cair has 779 sq. ft. the garden has 139 sq ft, kids playroom 120 sq. ft. meeting room 25 sittings, no-smoking zone, catering service.

The Pleasure at Coppersmith Str. (Kopitareva Str.) has 130 sq. ft, 20 sittings at ground floor, The Pub for 100 ppl & 30 sittings, the garden with 50 sittings.

The Pleasure Center has 100 sq.ft, 2 separate rooms for sitting & stand tables, the seasonal garden with 80 sittings.

The Pleasure at St. Sava's Park has 50 sq. ft, 20 sittings inside & 15 outside the restaurant. 

As the name says itself, the Pleasure Restaurants chain consists of four restaurants located on four popular locations in town. 

The first opened restaurant in 2005. is Pleasure, located in pedestrian zone and popular Coppersmith street or Kazandzijsko Sokace in Serbian (today Kopitareva str). This street used to was famous for coppersmith’s shops, today is for restaurants, kafanas, caffee & cake shops. Still with cobblestones and daily chit chat reminds faithfully of an old Nis.

The Pleasure Cair, one of the biggest restaurants in the city, is located in a privileged location in Nis, 10 min. walk of pedestrian zone, just accrossed the sport hall, football stadium Radnicki-Nis and the famous Park Cair. In a natural shade of the linden trees and relaxing view on the greenery, you can enjoy in the morning coffee, business or family lunch, romantic dinner and bday parties.  Even your kids wouldnt feel bored here, in 120 sq ft play room. 

The Pleasure Center is newly opened restaurant located one street behind pedestrian zone and Obrenoviceva str. It’s renovated old villa into a cosy restaurant with home atmosphere and a big garden. 

The Pleasure Restaurant located at The St. Sava's Park, very popular for youth & families. The central place in the park belongs to the Chearch of Constantine the Great and his mother Empress Jelena (Helena).