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Spa Towns

Spa Town Ribarska Banja located on the slopes of the Mountain Veliki Jastrebac (eng. Big Hawk) 35 km away from Krusevac, 72 km from Nis and 220 km from Belgrade. It is known as an oasis of pure mountain air, healthy food, and healing thermal springs. Due to the relatively high altitude and the surrounding mountain ranges, the spa has a sub-mountain climate. Generally, it doesn't have much rainfall annually, with the rainiest May and driest February.
Ribarska Banja (eng. Fisherman Spa) got its name after the fishermen who were catching the best quality trout for Prince Lazar.

The territory of today Serbia is rich in Thermo mineral medicinal springs known and used in the distant past. Back in ancient times, the ancient Romans built baths, swimming pools, and most of them to cure injuries of the legionnaires after the battles. Niska Banja has mentioned for the first time in 362, although it has known that Romans used these thermal springs in the 2nd century. 

Lukovska Banja is located in Southern Serbia, on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik Mountain at 681 m above sea level, and classified in the highest spa in Serbia. The climate is temperate continental with many sunny days a year. 
Many thermal mineral springs, the untouched nature, and the clean mountain air defined it as one of the best spas in Serbia.

With the most pleasant climate of all spas in Serbia, the Kursumlijska Banja with its natural environment that makes up forests, the Banjska River, and a small stream with clean water, along with clean air with no industry nearby is true health and recreation resort.

The Spa Prolom Banja (pronounce as Banya, means Spa) is located in the south of Serbia, on the slopes of Radan Mountain, with thick forest. The famous Prolom Water reduces the acidity of gastric juice, it is recognized for its powerful effect on removing kidney stones and sand. 

The treatments at Radan Hotel conducts through, drinking mineral water, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, electrotherapy, chinese therapy, and manual massage.

The Spa Town Sijarinska Banja (pronounced Banya, means Spa) has placed in a valley, surrounded by lush vegetation, with a subalpine climate. The Spa climate is pleasant due to surrounding hills and forests that protect the spa from strong winds, and cold air currents. Winters are mild without heavy rains and snow. The Spa has 18 springs with a therapeutic usage with water temperature that varies from 32°C to 72 °C.