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For beautiful smile, healthy and painless bites, you need right type of denture to fit perfectly into your mouth. 

There are two main categories of dentures: partial dentures, which require some teeth, and full dentures, when all the teeth are gone. Within these categories, various types of dentures are available in different materials. 

Whether you’re self-conscious about missing teeth or suffer from dental phobia, we have your best interests in mind. Contact Us today to find out how we can transform your perspective about dental care.

Partial prosthesis

A wide range of services offered:

  •      Dental cast upgrade 
  •      Metal-ceramic crowns 
  •      Partial prosthesis 
  •      Total prosthesis 
  •      Skeletal prosthesis with crowns 
  •      Skeletal prosthesis with attachments 
  •      Cementing of old dental bridge 
  •      Removal of the old bridge  
  •      Direct and Indirect relining dentures 
  •      Reparatory hearing with or without imprint 
  •      Telescope crown 
  •      No-Metal Crowns: Ceramic crown & Zirconia crown   

You Deserve Better Teeth

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